Allen Spearguns
Review of product brand "made in Africa"

The manufacturer of Rob Allen spearguns have a lot of promises to offer when it comes to their product. First, it says that these gears are the most versatile and most accurate among all spearguns offered in the market these days.

Add to that, it also says that these guns are your perfect partners for spearfishing. There is reason to believe all these claims.

First take a look at the company behind Rob Allen spearguns

Rob Allen is the name behind this company. Rob spent his teenage years fishing along the coasts of Africa. When he was 22, he decided to explore underwater life.

This has changed his life and from here, he tried testing and modifying his existing equipment. The rest was history. Soon he developed his own spearguns.

Rob Allen is one product brand that is famous in its place of origin, Africa. The popularity became contagious that it spread in other countries worldwide as well.

Aside from producing spearguns, the company also has a list of other items on its list. On top of that is the spring steel spear that is perfect for any type of speargun.

In addition, you may also enjoy a number of spearfishing gears and freediving accessories from the brand. Rob Allen is also said to be the creator of the railgun.

Second know more about Rob Allen spearguns

While the previously manufactured spearguns were already popular to many spearfishing enthusiasts, Rob Allen still decided to improve on its product offerings along this line.

The guns' handles are more comfortable and versatile than they were before; thanks to three years of research and hard work by men known in this industry.

1. Carbon Railguns. These ones are crafted using the pullwound process that makes the fiber loading even more favorable. The barrels undergo pressure testing two times plus you will see a black glass nylon-reinforced mechanism on the gun.

Available in variations like the Shanti and the Zulu, these guns are priced in between $470 to $560.

2. Vecta Aluminum. This speargun is gifted with the same railbarrel dimension as those of the Carbon Railguns. You will find the rail level lines just on top of the mechanism's profile and its muzzle.

An integral rail can also be found on the barrel a part responsible for making the spearguns accurate and stiff. With product models such as the Tuna and the Sparid, these guns are sold for a price range of $230 to $280.

3. Scorpia. The only non-railgun among the list of spearguns from Rob Allen, this one is said to be a cost-effective gun that works even with larger fish encounters. The barrel is made out of aircraft grade aluminum and has the same qualities as the brand's premium models.

It has a 1-mm wall thickness plus it is equipped with a mechanism made from the glass-reinforced nylon material. This has a solid stainless steel sear and is available in various models. The guns cost around $400.

Are Rob Allen spearguns promising then?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES. Look at how famous Rob Allen is all over the globe.

Combine that with the many varieties of spearguns it offers. Once you have put all these things together, you will certainly believe why these spearfishing gears are the most versatile and most accurate in the market.

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