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Aluminium Speargun
Pneumatic And Power Band Speargun

Aluminium speargun production - throughout history, with the exception of the very beginning of spear hunting, the industrial manufacture of spearguns have traditionally included the widespread use of aluminium.

Characteristics of aluminium are such that it allows for the production of the two most basic types of spearguns which are:

The body of the gun is usually made in the form of an aluminium tube, which, at one end is sealed by the head of the gun, and at the other, the gun handle.

Pneumatic Speargun
Omer Airbalete Pneumatic Speargun

In a pneumatic speargun, the head and handle are made of aluminium; however, companies are now starting to use plastic in the manufacture of the power band speargun.

During the 1980?s, the use of plastic materials in the manufacture of spearguns substantially increased.

However, trends in the market again indicate a very popular production of spearguns made of wood, which is historically the oldest material used in the manufacture of guns.

With the development of techniques and the discoveries of technical properties of new materials, the use of carbon fibre for the manufacture of the body of the speargun has very successfully spread in the last decade. Of course we are only referring the power band spear guns.

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