Beuchat Spearguns
Review of Beuchat swordfish logo"

Beuchat classified its products into three namely spearfishing and freediving, snorkeling and scuba diving. The company started in 1934 under the pillars of Georges Beuchat, a man known for being part of a famous Swiss watchmaking clan. Back then, the company was called by another name.

In fact, in its 75 years of existence it changed names several times from "Peche Sport" to "Beuchat" to "Beuchat Sub" to "Beuchat International".

In the 70's, the founder created the Beuchat swordfish logo that can be seen in every scuba diving product launched by the company.

From France, it branched out to other countries worldwide. In 1982, Georges decided to sell the company to a certain Alvarez de Toledo who later on sold it to the Margnat family after 20 years.

The various of products from Beuchat spearguns

Though the original owner decided to sell the company to another person, there is reason to believe that any speargun from the brand is made to provide satisfaction to every spearfisherman. As proof to that, here are some of the brand's core products:

1. Marlin. Sold for a price of approximately $150, this one is said to be one of the most versatile Beuchat spearguns from the brand. It has an open head for easy aiming on the target and provides precise shooting capabilities.

This has been tested by triple World Champion Pedro Carbonell. It comes in a 28-mm aluminum tube.

2. Marlin Carbone Elite. This one is considered as the new Marlin and is a result of the company's 60 years of experience in speargun manufacture. This is also one of the spearguns tested by Carbonell.

In fact, he tried it for almost a year and since then he boasted about this product. This one is equipped with a carbon tube located in between its head and its handle. This speargun is being sold in the market for a price of $220.

3. Mundial Competition. Sold from prices ranging in between $130 to $168, this speargun from Beuchat is equipped with the Mundial handle. It has a closed handle and aluminum tube plus it comes with a 6.5-mm Tahitian shaft.

It has a dual Megaton powerband matched by an articulated wishbone.

4. Canon. This is one of the spearguns from the company that has an effective range reaching as far as 10 feet. This one is available in different barrel lengths and is sold in the market for approximately $85 to $225.

It has a Tahitian shaft as well as carefully-crafted tips, bands and wishbones.

5. Mundial Carbon Elite. This speargun features the so-called Carbon Fiber technology, a trademark found on the gun's barrel. It also possesses the newest designs under the Beuchat name thus making you shoot more accurately.

The muzzle includes a polymer guide and is reinforced. This one is sold for around $105 to $465.

6. Marlin Revolution. This is one of the most powerful spearguns from the brand. Specially catering to experienced spearfishers, the speargun is also one of the newest designs Beuchat offers to its avid followers.

Its barrel is made out of laminated teak and carbon composite barrel with integrated carbon rail while its handles have the reinforced stainless steel trigger mechanism. Marlin Revolution sells in the market for a price of $1200.

The verdict on Beuchat speargun products

Beuchat may have passed from one name to another. It was also have been passed on by Georges to Toledo to Margant.

Well, this is not reason for you to doubt the quality of the speargun and other scuba diving products coming from the brand. If it's from Beuchat, you'll simply love it.

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