Biller Spearguns
Review of AB Biller high quality spearguns

The Biller speargun is crafted by technologies from one company known in the production of high quality spearfishing and free diving equipment AB Biller.

As proof to this, you will notice that aside from spearguns, the company also offers fins, replacement parts and Hawaiian slings. It also has carrying bags and t-shirts made perfect for your underwater holiday.

The AB Biller Company makers of high quality spearguns

The name behind these spearfishing gears offer product choices for the serious hunter. Located in Bloomingdale, Illinois, this company has ventured into the production of spear points and tips as well as travel and pole spears.

It cannot be denied though that AB Biller's true passion is to provide the public with high quality spearguns.

More on Biller spearguns

These are actually classified according to the material for which the products in each series were made. Each of these products are packed with stainless steel trigger mechanisms known for providing smooth and reliable action while underwater.

The materials are also chosen to make sure that 80% noise absorption is possible with each speargun.

1. AB Biller Mahogany Series. Mahogany is well-loved for its reddish-brown color. Add to that, this hardwood is fully appreciated by speargun makers simply because of its promise of durability.

You can see that in the AB Biller Mahogany Line. Available in 7 product models, these ones are priced from $173 to $250.

2. AB Biller Teak Series. Teak, just like mahogany is a red-brown wood. It is commonly found in South and Southeast Asia and is durable for projects in shipbuilding industries.

With this said, you can trust the AB Biller Teak speargun that comes with the Biller Reel. Also coming in seven models, these ones are sold for around $194 to $268.

AB Biller Speargun
AB Biller Paduk Speargun

3. AB Biller Padauk Series. The Padauk is an African exotic wood that is noted to be of great help for wood turning. Often used as knife and tool handles, this wood has also been considered by AB Biller in shaping one of its speargun product lines.

Also coming in seven models, products are priced from as low as $115 to as high as $450.

The other AB Biller spearguns

Apart from classifying their products according to the materials used, AB Biller has other product series to offer. For one, there is the AB Biller LTD series handcrafted from either teak or mahogany or wood. This one is available in four sizes and is sold from $173 to $450.

Then, there is also the AB Biller Floridian, which resulted from the company's partnership with its patrons.

Made from mahogany, these spearguns provide accurate yet easy-to-use mechanisms. Available in two sizes, you can buy these ones for a price of $232 to $346.

The Verdict on Biller spearguns

The company has a lot to offer when it comes to spearguns. This goes to show that AB Biller is willing to give you a wide array of choices to make sure that there is one to suit your spearfishing needs.

This makes the brand name worthy to belong to the trusted ones in the market.

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