Cressi Spearguns
Review of the oldest producer in terms of underwater diving equipment

Cressi Spearguns are manufactured by Cressi, probably the oldest company in terms of underwater diving. Although the company was founded by brothers Nanni and Elgidio Cressi in 1946, the manufacture of small-scale products dates back to 1938.

Cressi Spearguns

Cressi Company Overview

Cressi offers all sorts of scuba diving equipment ranging from fins and snorkels to spearguns and masks. It all started from a simple dream of two brothers who themselves handcrafted some of the company's products.

Elgidio made sure that all field test suggestions will be used to improve every product from the company.

The company uses specialized offices for the technical aspects of production. In here, new materials were researched. Now, Cressi has several branches in France, Spain and America. Its main office is found in Italy.

All about Cressi Spearguns

Cressi spearguns undergo rigid tests before they even undergo mass production. Antonio, a descendant of Elgidio and Nanni, saw to it that all products pass such tests despite the fact that the company had adapted modernized technologies.

As a result, some of the world-renown spearguns were conceptualized like:

1.Geronimo Pro. This speargun from the company has a barrel that has been carved out of a specially-molded aluminum alloy, a material that will not bend even with the use of the most powerful bands.

The material promises extreme lightness as well. Its grip, on the other hand, was designed using a new adjustment system that can be personalized according to the size of the diver's hand.

Available in four versions ? 85 cm, 95 cm, 105 cm and 115 cm ? this product is priced at around $185 to $285.

2.Geronimo. Although similar to the Geronimo Pro in a number of ways, this speargun is noted to have a traditional circular section bore on its barrel. The trigger is also updated thus providing a gentler release.

Add to that, it is equipped with two safety catches found on each side of the handgrip. The latter, on the other hand, is made using a soft-grip material.

This one is available in 60-cm 75-cm and 90-cm sizes and costs around $110 to $175.


Cressi Sub Comanche Speargun
Cressi Sub Comanche Spearguns
Known as the world champion among all spearguns of 2004, this Cressi product was crafted with perfection. It has special aluminum tubes that are anti-corrosive in nature.

The overall product is made out of other materials like thermoplastics guaranteeing that the equipment will not deform and can work for firing precision. The shafts are made out of stainless steel and some versions have been burnished.

Comanche is available in 60-cm, 75-cm, 90-cm, 100-cm and 110-cm sizes and is being sold in the market for $100 to $110.

4.Sioux. This speargun from the company is considered an excellent product because of the materials used in its production. Its barrel is made out of anti-corrosive aluminum while the handgrip's inclination out of a material called 'rubbersoft'.

Its muzzle is equipped with 13 mm bands and can be used even with a second circular band. This product has varied lengths from 50 cm to 60 cm to 75 cm and has a starting price of $209.

Verdict on Cressi Spearguns

These are just four of the many spearguns launched by Cressi. Just by looking at the detailed descriptions of each product mentioned above, you will surely want to hold any of these spearguns in your hand.

Add to that the fact that the company puts devotion in the manufacture of each type of scuba diving equipment. That proves the product quality that the company can deliver.

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