Giman Spearguns
Review of The G.I.MAN Sub Spearguns"

The Giman spearguns(G.I.MAN Sub) is created by a genius known as Ivan Manca. This very same man poured his heart out while crafting every gun released by the company.

This made the brand known not only in Europe but worldwide as well.

More on the founder of the Giman spearguns(G.I.MAN Sub)

Ivan Manca, just like any other men who started their speargun business, began to conceptualize this company out of his passion for the sport.

His was actually a combination of the innate love for spearfishing and acquired engineering skills. With this, he succeeded in creating artistic products for every underwater traveler.

Dentex arbalates - the result of Manca's initiative was initially made for personal use. Nonetheless, due to the overwhelming support of his followers, the product was opened to the public.

These first sets of products were well-loved all because they are as powerful and as reliable as they are artistic.

The Giman spearguns (G.I.MAN Sub)

Manca started making such products in 2002. From this year, forward, his company began to make other great guns for spearfishing like.

1. Dentex. This was the first product brought to the market by Giman (G.I.MAN Sub). The basic design was made out of the desire to have a long-range and powerful shot.

The barrel was hydrodynamic in terms of shape thus allowing better band inclination. As you go to its horizontal section, you will see that the Dentex becomes narrower.

This one is available in the Dentex 90, Dentex 100 and Dentex 110 models and is carved in a wooden finish. All models are made out of four layers of laminated wood assembled together using special glues.

2. Labrax. Just like the Dentex, there are many things to love in a Labrax speargun from Giman (G.I.MAN sub).

For one, these spearguns can easily adapt to a wide array of conditions even when high power and long shots are not being required by the user. In another, they support a variety of hunting techniques.

But specifically though, they are made for shallow water or undertow fishing. The spearguns are carved out of mahogany.

he Labrax's barrel also has the same shape as that of the Dentex. The difference between the two can be noted the mere fact that the Labrax is thinner.

This dimension makes sure that the Labrax follows the hydrodynamic qualities set for spearguns. What allows the Labrax to make very quick shots? Well, that is its 18-mm band. This is needed when instinctive shots have to be made.

The Archimede reel a great add-on to the (G.I.MAN sub) Giman spearguns

The Archimede reel is made for both spearguns from the brand. This is a great partner no matter what the length of the line is ? whether it is 20 meters, 30 meters, 40 meters or 50 meters.

This is an important element especially when you want to experience the so-called free dive spearfishing.

So what's the score for the (G.I.MAN Sub) Giman speargun?

It is really hard to give a score for a speargun such as this. The products have been carefully thought of by its producer and for that it deserves an A+.

They have also been packed with great features to match the other famous brands in the market and that deserves a good score as well.

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