Hamilton Spearguns
Review of unique, custom made wooden spearguns"

Hamilton spearguns provide a list of wooden guns specially created for spearfishing. These products are the results of the maker's ability to understand what spearfishermen need.

Jordan Hamilton, the person behind this wonderful equipment has a lot to say when it comes to developing these guns.

More on the maker of Hamilton spearguns

Jordan Hamilton is the proud creator of these custom-made spearguns. His passion for spearfishing all started when he was still young but it was when he was 15 when he created his first speargun.

Back then, he molded the gun from plaster of Paris then brought it to the local marine center for bronze casting.

When he graduated from a mechanical engineering course in the 80's, he also started managing a dive shop along Florida Keys. With this, he had a greater chance to pursue his love both for underwater photography and spearfishing.

Then he made another gun powered by liquid carbon dioxide. When he was able to establish connections to specialty shops, he began marketing his own sets of guns.

The different Hamilton spearguns

Each Hamilton speargun is custom-made to meet the specific needs of the user. Some examples are:

1. Coastal. This one has a length of 52 inches and a weight of 9.5 pounds. It is made of laminated teak wood with reinforced stainless steel found on its front muzzle.

It also has a stainless steel handle and a release lever on its side line. The deluxe package costs around $1,250.

2. Channel. Also known as the Island speargun, this one is 58 inches in length and 11 pounds in weight. Also made from age-cured, laminated teak wood, this has a lot to offer.

For one, you can find the Delta wings on its small side. In another, its stainless steel handle is also mounted in the middle and is equipped with a triggering device. Enjoy all this and more for a price of $1,350.

3. Performance. Belonging to the Grouper line, this speargun spans a length of 60 inches and weighs 12.5 pounds. It is packed with four power bands, a stainless steel eyelet and a rubber friction plug.

It has a large rear wing with Delta wings on its front. The price for this one is $1,550.

4. Blue Fin. Also forming part of the Grouper list, this speargun has the same features as the Coastal and the Channel. The difference lies on the fact that this is heavier at 12.5 pounds and longer at 65 inches.

Its trigger is carved out of a modular design and has been crafted from stainless steel. It comes with a cork screw barrel swivel and is priced at $1,750.

What can be so unique with the Hamilton speargun, you may ask?

That will be the fact that Hamilton created these spearguns out of the belief that innovative designs can actually result to some of the best guns in the market.

He was able to come up with designs that are not just unique in terms or power but are also one of a kind when it comes to accuracy, craftsmanship and reliability.

Despite the hefty price tag, you will love the fact that there are many things for you inside the Hamilton spearfishing guns package.

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