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Hawaii Spearfishing
You Will See Native Fish And Much More"

Hawaii spearfishing is the best that you can get in the realms of spear fishing based on several factors. In Hawaii you will find conditions that are highly conducive to spear fishing.

These are:

  • Shallow reef waters
  • Open and wide ocean areas that are not found anywhere else
  • An abundance of fish in their natural habitat
  • Unusual fish that might not be found in other regions.
  • The warm waters of Hawaii

In Hawaii both men and women go ahead to spear fish with equal amounts of enthusiasm and zeal. It is almost like a religious cult out here.

The sport of Hawaii spearfishing is taken extremely seriously and has been pushed to a sport that has huge crowds and equal number of sponsors too. Most of the divers who come here for scuba diving and free-diving get enamored by spear fishing and then there is no looking back for them.

The spear fishing equipment that is used out here can be as simple and old fashioned as a simple Hawaiian sling or a three-prong which is just a spear with a rubber at the end. Spear fishing with these primitive tools is quite exciting and transports you to a different era altogether.

There can also include the most advanced equipment such as spear guns that look like long rifles and are held together by one or up to four rubbers. Whatever kind of equipment you use you will end up having a whole lot of fun out here for certain.

There are some techniques used in this sport that are used in only this part of the world. That is free-diving with weights, using oversized fins and wetsuits that let the divers go way deep into the belly of the ocean.

The wetsuits allows you to go all the way up to sixty or hundred feet. The diver can go deep into the realms of the ocean at great pace by keeping his energy intact. They need to kick furiously and go against their buoyancy.

Hawaii has just the climate for you to go outdoors and try your hand at fishing. It has the comforting warmth of the sun on your back and the huge expanses of the sparkling ocean right in front of you.

The lower you go into the depths of the ocean the warmth disappears to be replaced by a nice comfortable cold.

Hawaii spearfishing can get you several trophies in the form of fish. The fish out here can be found in large numbers and quite easily.

You will certainly not have to hunt really hard for it. There is almost no one who goes home empty handed for sure. The fish that you could catch are ahi which is the version of tuna, mahi-mahi, ono and sailfish.

The fish allow you to get as close to them as possible before you shoot the spear. This is seen quite clearly in the crystal blue waters of Hawaii.

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