How To Spearfishing
You Spear A Big Palagic Fish, What Now?

How to properly spearfish? You have just speared a big pelagic fish, the spear penetrated the fish, the shot was good, the fish drags you. What now?

How to spearfishing

In any case the fish will drag to the depth towards the open sea. At first slacken the line a bit yet as soon as you get the feeling you could cope with the dragging fish, put the speargun in your other hand, hold the line in your hand, protected with a glove, of course.

Now you have direct control of the fish. Be well aware that despite the good shot the pelagic fish is very powerful and can hardly be expected to run out of energy. Stay calm.

Breathe evenly and observe the movement of the fish. If possible, try to swim in the opposite direction to increase the resistance and slowly pull the line by an arm stretch or two.

Your aim is to get the fish circling below you. If you succeed in doing this, the fish will be partly turned to its side due to vertical position of both the spear and the line which lessens the power of the fish.

As long as the fish has more power than you and drags into certain direction, just let it drag you. When you notice that the fish has started slackening a bit, apply drag on the line.

It could happen that the fish gets quite calm as it is held in its unnatural position and has thus lost its orientation and balance. Apply pressure on the line slowly and evenly. When the fish has been dragged close enough for you to get hold of the spear, be careful. The pelagic fish could come to life again anytime and you could easily be wounded by the spear!

As soon as you get hold of the spear, the grip should be firm and quick. Your movement should be in the direction of turning the fish on its back. Do not forget to hold the spear with both hands, with the fish in between.

Such position makes it possible for you to swim to the boat and prevents any injury that might be caused when touching the dorsal fin where there are sharp spines. Swim to the shore, if closer than the boat, and there you can kill the fish with a knife more easily.

The pelagic fish still has enough energy and power to tear itself loose from your hands even after being stabbed with a knife, therefore the spear should stay where it is.

Try to avoid leading such fish single-handed, as it can tear itself loose any time. The catch is considered to be successful only when the fish is actually lying on the boat.

Impact of pelagic fish size on the underwater hunter:

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