JBL Speargun Reviews

JBL spearguns are created by JBL International, a known manufacturer of a variety of scuba diving equipment. The company's spearguns are classified further into two types the powered spearguns and travel spearguns plus they are also categorized into a series of product models.

More on the makers of JBL spearguns

It is known for manufacturing spearguns, the company also has other offerings on its list like pole spears, spear points, shafts, wet suit and gun accessories.

It also manufacturers all other accessories needed for a visit to the underwater world like masks, fins and snorkels. This fact makes JBL one of the most reliable scuba diving equipment stores online.

The various JBL International products

There are many speargun product models coming from JBL. But they are classified better according to the series they belong to such as the following:

1. Woody Series.

JBL Speargun Woody Series
JBL Woody 38-Special Speargun
The name of the series itself will let you conclude that the main body of the gear is made out of wood. Yes, you can actually see that material in every JBL Woody Series product.

Carved out of a perfectly-chosen African mahogany, you will be sure that you can rely on such products for stoning fish. Product models include the "Woody Magnum", "Woody Sawed-Off Magnum" and the "Woody 38-Special".

All these three have varied lengths but features the same trigger mechanism found in an "M-7" rifle. Average price for a speargun from this line is around $240 to $260.

2. Elite Series. Could this be a speargun product line exclusively made for the elite? Well, not really. It is called as such by JBL International simply because of the promise that it includes the best spearguns in the market.

The line includes products that are fast, accurate yet quiet. This series has stainless steel shafts, top floppers, and shark-fin sling tabs. You have two material choices when it comes to this series the aerospace grade alloy and African mahogany.

These spearguns cost in between $230 and $250 and are available in the "Elite Magnum", "Elite Sawed-Off Magnum" and the "Elite 38-Special" models.

3. Magnum Series. Well, this is actually the series that made name for the business. In fact, it was responsible for starting the fame and fortune that JBL International is enjoying right now.

The JBL Magnum series is considered the cream of the crop, basically because it can have more speared fish than any other spearguns from the industry.Its barrel is made from alloy plus its trigger, shaft and point are made out of hardened stainless steel. On the other hand, its handles are carved out of cast aluminum.

The product models from this JBL speargun line are: Magnum 450; Sawed-Off Magnum; 38-Special; 38-Special Northwest; and Custom. Price range for these products is set between $180 and $210.

Are JBL spearguns worth an investment then?

Certainly! Come to think of the various product models included in each series and the different materials used to make these JBL spearguns durable and ever-dependable. Take note of how affordable the products are as well. Put all these together and you will have a perfect partner to your next scuba diving spree.

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