Mares spearguns
Review Of Ludovico Mares Concept

Mares spearguns come from the list of scuba diving equipment from Mares. The spearguns concept under the brand was conceptualized by Ludovico Mares way back 1949. Together with the spearguns, Ludovico started creating the scuba diving mask as well.

The company behind Mares spearguns

There is a history behind why Ludovico started creating his Mares scuba diving line. Well, this can be tracked from the fact that he himself had a passion for underwater diving.

And by creating diving masks and Mares spearguns for public consumption, he believed that he will be able to share that passion to his followers.

Everything started with a small company found in Rapallo. Sixty years later, the Italian-based scuba diving gear company branched out to other countries all over the globe.

Now, it also makes use of innovative diving technologies to come up with the most competitive scuba diving equipment in the market.

Mares speargun products

Mares continues to be a proud maker of various products ranging from regulators to computers and from instruments to BC vests. The company also offers diving wear that includes not only a men's line but a women's line as well.

Add to that, it also has snorkels and fins on its list.

But going back to the original reason behind why Mares was created, you will certainly be interested to know more about the Mares spearguns. The collective name for Mares spearguns is the "Mares Pure Instinct".

Mares Phantom FV Speargun
Mares Phantom Fiberglass Speargun

1. Phantom FV Fiber Glass. This one is made of a highly-sensitive stainless steel release mechanism coupled with a cuttle-bone barrel. It is packed with broad-groove muzzles thus making it easier to position the speargun line.

It also has a single-tip stainless steel shaft with a 6-mm diameter. Available in 55 cm, 75 cm, 95 cm and 110 cm, this speargun sells at a price of around $270.

2. Instinct Carbon. Belonging to the company's free diving range, this speargun is sold at around $230. It has a 28-mm barrel diameter carefully crafted out of woven fiber.

Despite the promise of stability and rigidity, this material makes it lightweight thus you can bring it along to your scuba diving holiday.

What more will you love in this product model? Well, that will be its stainless steel shaft and its swiveling band fork adapter.

3. Cyrano. Priced at around $290 to $350, this scuba diving equipment is such one great add-on to your speargun's list. This is simply because it combines extreme shaft speed with pneumatic power features.

Its 11-mm inner barrel makes it as efficient as you want it to be while its 7-mm shaft (made out of spring steel) allows you to reach a higher velocity when compared to other spearguns in the market.

Is the Mares speargun a great add-on to your scuba diving list?

Yes it is. If you will try to recognize all the efforts that began from the concept of Ludovico Mares and blend it with the high-quality products mentioned above, will you still look any further for a great speargun? You will surely love to include Mares in your scuba diving gears.

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