Omer Spearguns
Review of the largest producer in terms of Spearfishing Equipment

Omer spearguns is carefully making a name in the world of scuba diving equipment. Owe this to the fact that the manufacturer is known for providing a wide array of other fishing gears on its list.

This includes gloves, knives, wetsuits, fins, floats and lines and wishbones. The company also offers latex bands and flashlights. Get to know more about the company before proceeding to its various speargun models.

More about OMER

OMER is an Italian company that offers scuba diving gears not only for professionals but also for first-time divers. The equipment coming from the brand were tested using a wide array of conditions before they were released in the market.

This makes the products enjoy fame all around the world.

As proof to that, a number of spearfishing enthusiasts trusted OMER for their competitions. For one, Spain's Alberto March used the brand to compete in the world meet in Tahiti and he became a world champion. Thanks to the brand.

More on OMER spearguns

OMER spearguns were also results of passion for the sport. The makers realized how important it is to have a variety of speargun choices in the market ? reason why it came out with products such as the:

1. Dragon. Selling for as low as $100, this series is classified into models with 5 different barrel lengths. This was made by the company out of a request from its avid followers.

Known for its friction release mechanism, the speargun is also equipped with 16-mm energy bands and a spring stainless Tahitian shaft that is 6.5 mm in diameter.

Omer Excalibur 2000
Omer Excalibur 2000

2. Excalibur 2000. This one also shares the same friction release mechanism as that of the Dragon. Launched in the market in the early part of the 1990's, the product is now sold at a price of only $170.

It also has reinforced muzzles on some parts and features an automatic line release. Guides for both aluminum and plastic reels are found on its handle.

3. T20 Carbon Ocean Mimetic. This speargun is best noted for two varied tube thickness that can be used depending on the gadget's length. Its barrel is made out of carbon and is painted using the blue shade to blend perfectly with its other parts.

Available in 5 product models, this one is sold at around $270 to $320.

4. Master America. This is a limited edition speargun released by the company in 2005. Crafted by no less than Carate Brianza, an established architect coming from Milan, Master America was carved out of Burmese teak.

This wooden material is said to be best for any marine application. The product is being sold for around $600 to $720.

Omer Tempest Pneumatic Speargun
Omer Tempest Pneumatic Speargun

5. Tempest. This is one of OMER's well-loved products simply because it is the most versatile among all pneumatic spearguns in the market. Available in four sizes, this one is perfect for open water or up close shooting.

This product comes with a high-low power adjuster and is being offered for a price of $169 to $190.

OMER spearguns what's the catch?

Nothing the only promise of the company is to provide you with choices for your diving needs. With an OMER brand on hand, you will surely have the best out of your spearfishing endeavors.

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