Riffe Spearguns
Review of blue water and bottom hunters spearguns

Riffe spearguns are said to be included in the list of "the best spearguns in the spear fishing industry". You may wonder why such an overwhelming description is given to these sets of scuba diving equipment.

Well, it comes from an international brand name in spearguns making, Riffe. That itself makes it one of the best spearguns out there.

More on the makers of Riffe spearguns

Jay Riffe is actually the complete name behind. Jay showed interest in spear fishing since he was ten years old.

Back then, he explored the coasts of Southern California using a hand spear. When he was 15, he started to compete in the spear fishing field and in fact, seven years later he became the champion of the Pacific Coast.

Using his own handcrafted spearguns, he set world records not only once but thrice.

From his extreme passion for spear fishing, Jay started to realize that there is a need to produce silent and powerful spearguns in the market.

Because of this though, he combined his love for the sport with engineering ideas and launched his own line of Riffe speargun products.

The different series of Riffe spearguns

These different series of spearguns from the company are comprised of various product models.

Riffe Padauk Speargun
Riffe Padauk

1. The Padauk Series.This one was named as such because of the kind of wood used in making the speargun.

The Padauk is an African blood wood that maintains the straightness of the barrels. With this, no laminating process will be required.

This series comes in seven different models at varying lengths. Price range is in between $370 to $400.

2. The Euro Series. With prices ranging from as low as $360 to as high as $540, these Riffe spearguns are the newest additions to the brand.

Using the MAG-TRAK, a patent pending technology, you will experience free shafting and ease of loading.

All the 11 product models under the series are made of laminated teak strips and stainless steel inserts.

3. The Competitor Series. These are spearguns made especially for those who compete and for first-time divers. They can be used for hunting around holes and reefs and are made with three teak laminates.

There is also an option to add a rest tab if you wish to go scuba diving around rocks. Prices for these series range from $360 to $500.

4. Standard Series. Making use of four teak laminates, these Riffe spearguns are said to be highly-durable. The different models have an extension located on its butt for easier and more convenient hip loading. Some models are also best suited for blue water hunting. Prices for these models are in between $483 to a little over $500.

5. Mid Handle Series. Gifted to be used for blue water as well as close bottom hunting, the Mid Handle series blesses every scuba diving enthusiast with better maneuverability while searching for fish.

This stomach-loading Riffe speargun can also convert into a hip-loading one. Simply use the rest tab. The products are sold from $350 to $875.

Riffe Euro Treveler Speargun
Riffe Euro Traveler Speargun

6. Euro Travel Series. This is the newest uniquely designed speargun from Riffe. Designed to fit any diver level, this possesses the company's patent pending MAG-TRAK technology, one that allows free-shafting and ease of loading.

It has a bolted muzzle while its low-profile stocks are carved out of 5 layers of vertical laminated teak strips. This is being sold in the market from $480 to $520.

The bottom line on Riffe spearguns

The Riffe speargun started from Jay's desire to offer silent equipment to every scuba diving enthusiast.

This makes it worthy of its claim that it is indeed made for the SILENT HUNTER.

With this said, you can be assured you will have a smooth-sailing underwater adventure with any of these products in your hands.

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