Spearfishing Equipment-Tips
Some Simple Advice On Your Equipment

Here are some spearfishing equipment tips for ABC spearfishing equipment.

The Wetsuit

One wetsuit in two different "mimetic" colours.

One side of the wetsuit is intended for blue water hunting (mimetic in ocean blue colour) and the other side for hunting in "deep reef sea" or bottom hunting (mimetic in olive, green and brown colour).

Such wetsuits are dual laminated, each side having different pattern and different colour. This kind of wetsuit is very useful for those hunters, who have a strong desire to hunt in diverse aquatic habitats.

And not only that, you have a multiple use wetsuit, one for stonediving "not hunting time" and one wetsuit less to fill your storeroom. And last but not least, it will please your wallet, because you have to buy only one wetsuit.

The Jellyfish Hood

Many spearfishing hunters are fascinated with the mysterious, beautiful and slightly dangerous nature of jellyfish. Jellyfish have a tainted reputation and are feared by many because of their power to sting.

It is therefore recommended to take proper safety precautions when spearfishing.

The jellyfish hood protects the skin against jellyfish and the elements. It easily fits over the mask.

Bungee Float Line For Diving Buoys

The bungee float line for diving buoys is 3 mm thick and made from natural latex with 750% stretchability, which means that 1m can be stretched to the length of 7.5m.

Despite being small in diameter, the bungee float line boasts outstanding carrying capacity, over 50 kgs. The floatline is hollow so it can float on water.

The floatline keeps the buoy closer to the hunter during the hunting which makes the diving safer. When the hunter dives, the floatline stretches without obstructing or slowing down the diver.

Should either the floatline or the buoy get stuck under some rock in the shallow water, the diving manoeuvre can be completed with no rush to later try to solve the problem with the stuck floatline.

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