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Spearfishing Gear For A Beginner Spearo

What kind of spearfishing equipment do we need for successful spearfishing?

The reply to this rather simple question could also be: "a good boat, a clear head and some time to spare." Yet such brief and concise reply introduces a rather extensive list of items necessary for successful spearfishing.

The mere listing of the equipment could easily sound too dry and boring, and besides, the equipment itself does not yet make a successful underwater hunter.

Although this chapter describes all the necessary equipment, there are still some other factors which have great influence on both the hunter and his hunting. Besides the need to currently improve his equipment, every underwater hunter in time also gains the necessary experience and knowledge.

In addition to learning the spearfishing techniques, the hunter soon realizes the worth of obtaining other knowledges, such as knowledge of correct breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation techniques, basic knowledge about the weather, tide, functioning of human body in water.

These are but a few key factors that significantly impact the performance of underwater hunter, although the list is much longer. It was my intention to highlight the complexity of this sports branch and to point out that not only the equipment is to be given the credit for the success and the trophies gained.

With this introduction I have also given some indications for the new chapters on the factors influencing the successful performance of spearfishing. And now about the equipment!

Already the basic equipment somewhat differs from the equipment used for other water activities, such as snorkelling, apnea or scubadiving. Let's start with the A,B,C equipment.

Spearfishing mask
Cressi Matrix 2-Lens Diving Mask

The mask:generally of low volume and inconspicuous in colour, sometimes also with tinted and/or mirrored lenses.

The snorkel: also inconspicuous in colour, usually black. As a rule, the snorkel should be as simple in shape as possible (valveless). The mouthpiece, made from quality material, is the prerequisite for feeling comfortable.

The snorkel is attached in such a way that it does not hang loose, it can be easily removed, it is flexible which enables multiple use. Using the snorkel correctly is of vital importance for successful and also safe spearfishing.

The fins: one of the vital parts of the spearfishing equipment. The criteria for selecting the type of the material, the length and the rigidity differ greatly.

It is essential that the fins do not tire the hunter yet should at the same time provide the hunter with reliable and solid support while diving. Therefore, the fins are generally long, in recent time made from carbon fibres, whereas the choice of rigidity rather depends on the individual and involves several factors, such as swimming technique, power, fitness, weight of the hunter, technique of underwater hunting etc.


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