Spearfishing Mental Tips
Fishing For Enjoyment And Relaxation

Are you ready to hold your breath and dive in to the world of spearfishing? Here are some mental tips for you.

The purpose of spearfishing and the very essence of this activity is that the quiet movement and holding of breath under water when hunting nowadays symbolizes for the man a sort of primal coexistence with nature and the very zest for it.

Hence spearfishing in a way fills the human soul by offering the beauties of the underwater world along with the advantage of a possible catch which brings additional satisfaction. It is therefore of utmost importance that we enter the water relaxed, leaving everyday worries and tensions far behind.

On the other hand, bringing your worries with you, bringing your anger, bad temper or even aggression to the world of underwater hunting will not result in the satisfaction desired. Moreover, with every shot missed or fish lost your mood will deteriorate even more.

All those negative emotions will only intensify in the water, the diver (be it a hunter or an apneist) will no more listen to his body and is to become the victim of his own negative emotions. Any such "forced" freediving is therefore considered a hazard!

Every spearfishing hunter should therefore hunt for enjoyment, relaxation and joy which all make a good catch even more probable.

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