Spearfishing In New Zealand
Balance Between Ecology And Safety Catches

Spearfishing in New Zealand started in about the 1950s. It is almost considered to be a cult out here. There are several clubs and competitions held regularly.

Spearfishing is taken extremely seriously in New Zealand. If you are the sort who is interested in spear fishing then this is the place to get yourself to.

It takes into consideration the ecological balance and fish are caught selectively. Because the people who fish here know and care about the environment they do not catch fish that are particular to the reef species. These are the kind that is small and inedible.

Spearfishing around New Zealand islands is done for several reasons. It could be to get fresh catch onto the table or to participate in competitions and win. People have started blue water hunting for large pelagic fish which has gained in momentum with more and more people wanting to take part.

The beautiful reefs and islands around New Zealand offer a fishing aficionado just the right environment to get going. There are spear fishing events conducted for both men and women and people participate in huge numbers.

Fishing events in New Zealand have some big sponsors and the events are well publicized. The winner gets to take home lots of goodies besides the huge catch to put on their dining table.

The people who take part I this sport out here respect the resources of the ocean and use them wisely. The best thing about this location is that there are Diver's Flags which are placed outstandingly so that the safety of the diver is assured.

These fishermen follow the code of practice that has been in practice stringently. The fish that is caught out here can go ahead and break all records.

You can also build up excellent contacts with the other people who are interested in spear fishing.

When you think of spearfishing in New Zealand you will certainly think of catching fish like Kingfish, and Butterfish. The best spearfishing can be done around the numerous bays and inlets dotting the New Zealand coastline.

Every weekend you will find several avid spear fishers headed towards the sea, some with their friends and others with their families.

There are quite a few dads and lads headed out to make a fun day out of spear fishing. There are several natural reserves out here and permission needs to be sought to access them.

Besides these there are several other places where you can get the best fish based on the amount of marine life that is found in these regions. At the end of a rewarding day you will find several beaming faces posing for pictures with their huge catches in front of them.

Imagine what a proud moment that will be. Catching this kind of fish is not really difficult out here as there are plenty of fish and an abundance of marine life around for you to choose from.

There are several national spearfishing champions who make this their weekend joint and will be more than willing to give you some tips on spearfishing. It is the most amazing of experiences to go beneath the oceans and search for the yellowtail kingfish which is the largest kind and it is found in these climes.

If you are a seasoned spear fishing champ then you can go further deep into the ocean to search for the most beautiful Golden Snapper which dwells here.

There are about twelve big game fish that you are likely to catch while spear fishing in New Zealand.

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