Spearfishing Trip
A journey To Blue Water Or To Shallow Reef Water

Why spearfishing trip?

After several years of spearfishing and obtaining sufficient experience, in any spearo hunter sooner or later develops some special desire. Namely a journey to the other end of the world.

Spearfishing trip

A journey to another sea, on the other fish species and then test your knowledge.

Take a decision and go some day on a journey to know the difference of regions, their habits by spearo hunting, their hunting techniques and much more.

Which equipment is used in certain international areas? Before you go to spearfishing trip, do check up the regulations and seasons of the regions.

We know, that in Florida people goes spearfishing in groups or as famillies to catch a fish using spearguns or sharpened sticks. In Florida is popular wooden speargun on the other side in regions of Los Angeles is used metal speargun.

When we are talking about spearfishing trips, we can not forget spearfishing in the Hawaiian Archipelago.

Spearfishing in Hawaii is an cult. Women and men goes spearfishing equal enthusiastic. There is warm water, shallow reef water and at the same time also open and wild ocean areas.

Spearfishing trip to Wakatobi

By shallow reef water is most common used shore spearhunting tecqnicue. The spearfishing equipment in simple and old fashioned as Hawaii sling. For all the information about regulations of spearfishing in Hawaii you can find out on Hawaii devision of Aquatic Resources (DAR).

If you are an expert in international spearo hunting journeys you will certainly go to Mexico. You'll see there big fishes which will bring you high level of adrenaline.

Spearfishing trip to Mexico

But before you do that find out the Mexico regulations of spearfishing. Mexican Department of Fisheries writes most only in spanish language.

In New Zealand people started blue water spearfishing for large palagic fish such as marlin (known also as Blue-spotted tuna), tuna and gigant fast-swimming predatory fishes trevally.

Blue water technique requires experiences therefor is dooing it spearfishing elite. It require diving to the very deep water.

Spearfishing trip to New Zeland

Day today is a dangerous sport as fast boats run near buoys of spearfisherman. I thing that the ignorance on the water is a general security problem for spearfishermen.

And there are many other spearfishing regions, that you have to explore!

Discover underwater world through Spearfishing charters. You have many possibilitis.

Decide and take the one who can offers you smaler group, only then you will be able to learn more about hunting, you will experience more adventures.

Spearfishing trip

Taken pictures will be the one, that you will like to show them to your friends. Spearo hunting journeys will help you get that fish you have dreamed about and you will learn more about equipment, spearfishing techniques...

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