Spearfishing Under Rocks
How To Hunt A Fish Hiding Under Rocks And In Caves

Spearfishing under rocks could be the simplest form of underwater hunting. When using this technique of spearfishing, the hunter dives to the seabed where he looks for fish hiding under rocks.

Spearfishing Under Rocks

At first glance hunting from under rocks may well seem the simplest technique of spearfishing.

Young hunters-beginners start with this technique at the depth of 5-10 metres. The real hunting from under rocks can, however, prove a very demanding technique as the depths achieved by the best underwater hunters sometimes exceed 40 metres.

The diving technique of spearfishing under rocks is as follows: while swimming quietly and calmly on the surface, the hunter observes the seabed and chooses the rocks that could according to his experience serve as a hiding for fish.

The dive is to be carried out with the maximum care and the minimum of noise. The hunter approaches the observed spot (hole under a rock) from above, with his head downwards. The legs and the fins are to remain above the head.

Spearfishing Under Rocks

The purpose of such approach is to cause the least possible agitation to the fish under the rock. On the contrary, approaching from the bottom upwards, landing noisily on the seabed and stirring up the sediment with the fins will frighten the fish away.

In this way the hunter namely emits too clear signals for danger, which forces the fish to move deeper into crevices under the rock.

The aim of an experienced underwater hunter, who knows his posts very well, is to actually find a fish in its place.

The under rocks techniques will give you good results when the hunter does not continue chasing the fish from under one and the same rock.

In case a group of fish is discovered under a rock, there is no time to hesitate. The rule is to shoot at the nearest fish.

The fish caught should be removed from under the rocks as soon as possible. When hunting under the same rock for a longer period of time, the hunter should avoid repeated multiple shooting.

Fish namely tend to decide for a kind of »a safe house«. In case spearfishing under the same rock is performed too often or in an incorrect manner, fish simply move to another (deeper) location.

Hunter's equipment: for spearfishing under rocks short spearguns are used (length 60 cm or less). The speargun selected should enable manoeuvring under rocks. Pneumatic spearguns are considered a good choice. If not after big fish (comber), we use three- or five-barb spears and not Tahitian spears.

When spearfishing under rocks, the hunters often use a torch. It is most convenient to attach the torch to the speargun.

Spearfishing tips: experienced underwater hunters conduct the technique of spearfishing under rocks at great depths.

Spearfishing with Braziliana weight

Such dives are performed with the help of the »braziliana«, which is the weight(5-6 kgs) attached to the float by means of a line of selected length, this being a few metres less than the depth of the hunting location.

The »braziliana« weight makes the initial phase of the dive easier for the hunter and thus reduces oxygen consumption while diving.

The hunter has the »braziliana« weight attached to his belt in the manner that it releases itself a few metres above the seabed. In this way deep dives are performed with minimum weighting, which enables easier and quicker return to the surface.

Without the »braziliana« weight the hunter namely has positive buoyancy at the depth already. The use of such weight, however, enables performance of quick and more frequent dives yet at the same time requires excellent fitness for diving and faultless mastering of pressure equalising techniques (Marcante-Odaglia).

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