Speargun Handle
A Comfortable Grip

Speargun handle is the contact point between the hunter and the speargun. This is an important part of the speargun, which needs to meet the following requirements: the shaft must be anatomically designed for a comfortable grip, while providing a firm support for hand manoeuvring and firing with the speargun.

Speargun Handle

Crucial is also the size of the speargun handle; as being either too big or too small can press and cause discomfort when hunting for a longer period, even leading to the decline in concentration of the hunter.

Universal handles are mostly used; although their drawback is a smaller support for the fingers and the hand - especially when it comes to sideways movement of the speargun.

An advantage of the universal speargun handle is in its usability, as it allows handling and hunting with the left or right hand and thus provides equal opportunity for using the gun by both left-handers and right-handers.

Nevertheless, the handle that is specially designed for the right hand enables better support when sideways movements are necessary, which offers better handling of the speargun and provides comfort.

Manufacture of such a handle calls for producers to make two types of handles for left-handed and right-handed hunters, as the emphasised support bows do not allow a comfortable grip for the other hand.

Is colour of the speargun handle inportant? White paint on the handle has a completely different function, as it is the only part of the gun that is obscured from the fish?s view by the fingers and the palm of our hands and, therefore, has no visual impact on the behaviour of the prey.

If we have the bad fortune to accidentally drop the gun, white handles play a key role (here we have in mind hunting in deep waters or hunting in bad visibility), as it allows us to locate the gun while we are on the surface of the sea.

Probably many of you have already experienced the unpleasant feeling of taking in some deep breaths on the sea surface, then starting to look for the gun and finding out that the current of the sea has taken you about 10 meters ahead of where you were when you dropped the gun.

The solution, represented by the handle being coated in colourful paints but mainly in white paint, saves all of us having to experienc these unpleasant feelings.

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