Speargun Line
Characteristics And Which Line To Choose

Speargun line must be resistant and strong but at the same time must not be rigid and hard, because it causes various entanglements.

Speargun Line

The line shouldn't be white, because the fish under the water accept all colours other than white. It can be bright red or orange.

This colour can, for us, be a little disturbing, but it is the first colour of the light spectrum, which disappears under water.

White is the most visible colour under water and also the reactions to it by creatures under water are more intense. For example, for an octopus white is a very attractive colour, on the other hand most of the fish are very afraid of it.

The speargun line itself is not problematic, but twisted up in reel, it forms a white patch which is most visible in the forward direction. It is also the biggest visible part of the silhouette of the speargun at the time you point it towards a prey.

Because of this it does not make sense to add masking paint to a gun yet on the other hand, using a twisted white coloured speargun line in reel.

To summarize these findings; please do not be afraid to use the speargun line in vibrant colours. You may even be surprised by discovering that the fish are not so timid anymore at the sight of your spear gun.

Regarding the technical characteristics of the lines, which are commonly used in spearguns, Dyneema is the one, whose qualities correspond to the broadest criteria. Dyneema is a registered trademark of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE) lines.

The way this structure of the material is knitted together and are combined in this technology, have proven to be very effective.

Of course today there are already quite a few well recognized manufacturers of lines, which produce their own line under the brand name Dyneema. This is a line with a very wide range of users, i.e. among professionals (rescuers, fire brigades, mountaineers etc.), in the army, as well as in a wide range of sport and leisure activities, which require top quality lines.

Areas of usage are: sailing, kiting, fishing, scuba diving, parachuting, ...

Dyneema lines in fact, despite their small intersection, have high performance. They withstand high loads and are, at the same time, quite resistant to wear.

For speargun fishing requirements, a Dyneema line with a diameter of 1.5 mm and a carrying capacity of 170 kg, is usually sufficient, however, some use a line with a diameter of 2 mm and a carrying capacity of over 210 kg.

In some cases, particularly in hunting-type "Blue Water Hunting," the speargun line can be even thicker.

Nevertheless, for the vast majority of speargun hunters who are slightly less demanding, a standard nylon line would be completely adequate, but compared with the Dynneema they have less than twice the carrying capacity and even the level of wear and tear is somewhat higher.

The Dyneema line in speargun fishing is normally coiled to the speargun reel. Because of its high capacity, however, it is widely used as wishbone on the "Power Band" slings.

The fibre is manufactured by means of a gel-spinning process that combines extreme strength with incredible softness. So what are the properties that make this fibre so special?

(Info from Dyneema.com)

All of this said, the Dyneema (or any other wrope), however does not meet two essential criteria for successful speargun fishing. That is:

Therefore, we mount to the harpoon a nylon monofilament, which is completely smooth and so enables high speed of the fired harpoon, however, it does not tear the prey when pulled.

For this reason, the length of the nylon is usually approximately a meter longer than the operational length when shooting.

Nylon is connected with the Dyneema through Ball bearing Swivel, which must be of equal carrying capacity. Some hunters, instead of the nylon lines, used tennis strings as their usefulness is generally better than nylon.

The structure of a tennis string consists of several laminated knitting that holds substantially higher loads than monofilament. Thus the equipped gun is ready for optimum quality and efficient spearfishing.

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