Speargun Parts
For Optimal Use And A Successful Hunt

Each speargun represents a consistent series of interrelated speargun parts whose purpose is to ensure optimal use and a successful hunt.

The speargun is, for those reasons divided into several main parts that are: head, body with a leading mechanism, the handle and the gun stock.

Speargun mechanism

The head of the speargun is equipped with a few small parts, namely: open or closed "nozzle", nylon leadings, choosing the method of attachment the harpoon in the case of open head "open nozzle".

These methods may include: rings for connecting the nylon through the harpoon or simple use of a strong magnet.

The head shape has an impact on transparency, harpoon location and in some cases to diminish recoil of a gun when shooting.

The body of the speargun is the part which determines the size of a speargun, its buoyancy, manoeuverability and weight of the gun and consequently also affects the length of the harpoon, range and recoil.

The speargun mechanism is crucial, since its perfect operation enables successful fishing. Learn more about the mechanism below by the related articles.

The speargun handle has recently experienced a real boom since its shape now so closely fits the entire anatomical shape of the palm and ultimately meets the needs of the speargun hunter, allowing a more comfortable and reliable grip of the gun which consequently does not tire the wrist and thus affect the welfare of the speargun hunter, even after several hours of fishing.

For more details on what is important to know when choosing or manufacturing the handle,see below by the related articles.

The speargun stock is used as a support when tightening the gun, and in some cases it offers also support for manoeuvering (here we have in mind spearguns with a middle handle).

With the Euro-type spearguns (which have their handle at the rear) it is important that the gunstock is slightly longer than the handle and that it is designed (or coated with rubber plate) to facilitate the (painless) tightening of the gun and prevent slipping on the diving suit of the speargun hunter.

Lately, (using the inverse mechanism - a key speargun part) especially with the big guns, the length of the gunstock is also important since it plays a key role when tightening the slings. The power of our hands drops rapidly in the last few centimetres to the chest of the speargun hunter.

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