Speargun Range
Distance Of Successful Hunting

A speargun range is a constant conversational topic among spear gun hunters. In addition to physical and technical limits applicable to the range of the speargun under the water, we need to take into consideration also the acute sense of the fish and with it its related reflexes, so we therefore talk about the operational range of the speargun, which is limited to 3-4 m.

Shallow water spearfishing

Namely, this is the distance covered by a harpoon in such a time, that the prey does not have time to escape.

The speargun range and the speed covered by a harpoon depends on:

The average time that the harpoons needs for this distance is 4 tenths of a second. Taken into consideration here is also the time that the fish needs for turning its body by 90 degrees.

Therefore, we talk about the operational range of the gun. The harpoon actually reaches a much greater distance, but by doing so can also use much more time. Because of the high density of sea water, the speed of the harpoon, after a distance of 3-4 m, drastically drops.

A good spear gun is, therefore, the one where we achieve the balance between the following parameters: the size of the gun, gun weight, agility of the gun, the number and the strength of the slings and the twitch when shooting (Recoil).

On the other hand, an important factor is also the size of the fish, since smaller fish are much more agile and, therefore, avoid the harpoon more easily. Precisely because of that, it is easier to hit a bigger fish at a greater distance. Here I have in mind a distance of approximately 5 m or more.

For this purpose, some of the master producers of spear guns have already produced many successful models, which had to be dimensionally adjusted to a substantially higher force so that they affect the speargun and the harpoon under water.

They made large spear guns, having 8 or 10 slings. The active force on such specifically dimensioned harpoons is 500 kg. Such a gun may have an operational range of up to 10 m.

Flatulence of such a gun is a quite demanding task, in which the hunter helps himself with the pulley. The use of such a gun is limited for catching large pelagic fish.

So regardless of the technological achievements and continuous improvements of spearguns, the operational range due to the above mentioned factors is still 3-4 meters.

This is the distance which the guns with a length of between 90 to 110 cm are reaching. These are also the guns that have the widest usefulness and are, due to their agility and good range, the most useful guns for the various techniques of spearfishing.

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