Speargun Types
Pneumatic Against Power Band Speargun

Here are some basic concepts of what a speargun is, what we are using it for, what types of them we know and the type of materials from which they are made.

The basic definition of the name of the speargun speaks about the fact that it is a weapon to be used under water.

Spearfishing With Pneumatic Speargun

On the other hand, we are talking about a tool that is used for hunting, like the arrowheads, bow and arrows or javelin.

It is not a conventional firearm, but a handy tool with a trigger mechanism that fires a harpoon, which is used for hunting marine fishes.

In defining the use of this tool we will here limit the definition to spear guns used while swimming under the water while holding one's breath.

Today, tools are basically divided into those using compressed air (pneumatic) and others designed for the use of slings (power band).

Given the technical requirements of pneumatic, they are, as a rule, made of a metal cylinder in which the compressed air under pressure is usually around 30 bars.

High pressure in the opening shot launches the harpoon from the cylinder with such sufficient force that the operative range of the weapon is fully appropriate for successful hunting.

Some peculiarities are known but much less widespread. There are large pneumatic tool, incorporating an additional outer container of compressed air, which substantially increases the power to launch larger and heavier harpoons.

The use of slings in spearguns: due to smaller technical requirements for construction it allows the usage of different materials for the body of it.

Nowadays we know tool with a body made of aluminium, wood, plastic, carbon, and also from combinations of these materials.

The basic principle of operation of the tool with sling is that the harpoon is lying on the body of the speargun, inserted into the releasing mechanism.

Slings are in different ways integrated in the head of the it and tightened from the body to the tail of the harpoon, where we fix them with the wishbone and the toggle system.

The sling launches the harpoon with a sufficient force to achieve operative range of the harpoon to allow successful hunting.

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